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We are driven by the newest trends and technologies

We're eager to help you with your development needs, be it app, website or anything in between

01 - website

The importance of a website

A website, is the portal to the online identity of any company. Everyone is expected to have a functional website, that is easy to navigate. But if you want to stand out in the crowd - you also need wow factor and a blazingly fast website.

02 - frontend technologies

Utilizing the best frontend technologies, makes everything easier

Our frontend, is build using Next.js - an easy to use blazingly fast extension of react. Next.js allows us to utilize things like Server side rendering (SSR), Stale while revalidate (SWR) and Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) - All technologies that gives an amazingly fast user experience. None of the sites we develop, scores lower than 90/100 on google PageSpeed Insights mobile test*.

(* Guaranteed on deliver date - if we're also providing the hosting)

03 - backend and CMS

javascript in the front, javascript in the back

We're in love with - in our opinion it's the easiest, most customizable CMS to get started with. Further more, it is written in our favorite language - javascript!. We see this as an absolute win, and it enables us to do a lot of custom code, while still maintaining a simple core. No more bloated WordPress for us!

04 - What about apps?

We love React, so we love React Native

We've always had fun making websites and web apps! - We always searched for the best one to also develop native apps, without diluting our talent pool too much. (We are a javascript first kind of company) - React Native ended up being the perfect solution! All the stuff we know from React, but with the power of a native app. Contact us if you want to learn more about React Native, or want to get a quote on a cool app idea you have!