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We're here to help you, with all your hosting needs

Most of our hosting, is focused around giving our client a full end-to-end service. But we are able to help you with hosting, whatever the need may be!

01 - What is hosting

We've split our hosting setup into 3 different types. Frontend hosting, API/CMS hosting and heavier systems hosting. Different solutions for different needs. Read more about the three below!

02 - Frontend Hosting is not only the easy choice, but also the smart one!

We've been through a handful of different hosting providers throughout the years - including our own servers hosted in germany. But to no surprise, to people who knows about them, ended up being our GO TO when it comes to hosting the frontend part of any project. All of our own created project uses Next.js - which makes vercel the perfect pick, being the creators and maintainers of Next.js they make sure their hosting service always works perfectly with Next.js features!

03 - API/CMS hosting

We love Heroku!

For hosting our CMS and API solutions, the choice fell on Heroku. This gives us granular control of every instance we have running. We host our stuff using a low-level dyno and a postgre sql server. This way we can keep costs low, while vercel handles most of our traffic needs.

04 - System hosting

We realise some customers have larger needs

We offer managed VPS and dedicated servers, hosted in Europe (Germany), United States (3 locations), Asia (Singapore) or United Kingdom.

If you need hosting for a WordPress site, or something similar, we also offer managed hosting for this. The hosting will then only be available in Europe (Germany). If you wish to have WordPress hosted in another location, the price will be of a full serviced server instance - be it VPS or Dedicated.

We partnered with one of the best providers in Germany, who handles the physical servers. We then manage running everything, making sure it's updated and secure.