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SEO - How, when and why?

SEO is easy and hard - all at the same time

SEO is often misused, as a way for you to get your page on the top of google, when it's really all about user experience!

01 - How?

SEO is not rocket science, it's hard work and concistency

Before going in to depth with what search engine optimization is, and how it's best accomplished, try asking your self - what is the purpose of search engines? What is it they try to do?

If we take Google as our example, the short version is that they want you to find - exactly - what you're looking for. And they want you to have the best experience while doing so. This becomes very apparent when testing a site using PageSpeed Insights (

Here your site is measured in speed, time to interactive, first contentful paint, blocking time, largest contentful paint, cumulative layout shift etc. All of which are quantitative measurements of user experience. How fast can a user see the content on the site, are they disturbed by shifting content and what if they are in a rural area with only 3G connection?

Handling these, are a great start to becoming good friends with google, gaining a higher PageRank.

01 - How? (continued

Surely not only speed matters?

Obviously, it has to do with more than just speed. Another important fact, is that the information - which the user is seeking - is easily available for them to find when they land on your page. If they searched for a purple sneaker in size 44, they should land on that exact sneaker, when entering your site.

So the next fundamental thing, to take into account is to make sure you're answering questions, a user may have about your product or products like it. This will help you gain a higher PageRank, while also staying relevant on searches regarding your product. For instance, if a user search for "Is the iPhone 14 water proof" or "Which iPhone suits me best" - you could be answering these questions, brining more traffic to your site.

In Desperate, we have a saying when it comes to websites. Content is KING. The best written on most relevant content, WILL prevail in the end.

We can help with both content, and speed optimization. We offer our clients a guaranteed score of at least 90/100 on PageSpeed Insights, when buying our services!

02 - When?

All the time, every time!

As mentioned in a previous paragraph, SEO is both easy AND hard work. We believe that as long as you don't forget about SEO - and actually give a damn about user experience - you are going to win the SEO game. At desperate, we care a lot about user experience, and our sites always score at least 90/100 on PageSpeed Insights, as we believe this is the easiest way for us, to ensure the best user experience for our clients (and their clients).

03 - Why?

Being at top of google, FUCKS

Being at top of a google search, means a lot of "free" traffic. This type of traffic is called organic visits, and it's something that makes any marketing executive squeak! - It's the closest thing online to free money.

If you want to have a non-binding chat about SEO, speed index and what we can do for you - please don't hesitate to grab hold of us on, and we'll do a free assessment of what we can do for you!