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Case – Autofuel, The robotic refueling system

Make fueling a convenience, not a problem

Design – Identity – Development

While autofuel makes the future, we help them with their identity.

Autofuel was created to change they way we think of fueling and charging. Atomization from a robot that ease your convenience so you don’t even have to get out of your car when it’s time to service it.

Its all about a robot

Autofuel is a startup with a dream of making your daily life more convienient, so you can spend time on the things that matters the most. They’ve created a robot that can fuel your car no matter what it drives on.

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Identity and recognition

Their symbols are key for them

To describe Autofuel we need a variation of different symbols. Autofuel is not just a robot that can fuel your car with petrol, but a robot that knows your car and can fuel it with ever energy is needed. To show that, we made symbols they could use together with their logo in verious ways. The identity is about making people understand the technology easily and precise.


We wanted the aspect of the robot to be shown in the logo

To make a personalized logo for Autofuel, we took some of their key features in it. The robotic arm that handles the fueling and the curveture of the machine it self.

Autofuel creates the convenience of the future and we love to help them